Archetypes: Nick Woodman

The GoPro founder on what he wants to capture next

Sep 18, 2013
Outside Magazine
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   Photo: Jeff Lipsky


Age: 38
Home: Half Moon Bay, California
Job: CEO of GoPro

CV: Founded GoPro in 2002. Initial goal was to make a wrist strap for a waterproof disposable camera to snap shots of friends surfing. When he couldn’t find a camera sufficiently tough to handle the rigors of the ocean, he decided to come up with his own.

$35,000: Amount he borrowed from his mom to get the company off the ground. After 11 years, the GoPro has become the best-selling camera in the world, and the company was recently valued at $2.3 billion. “They used a GoPro camera in the Chilean mine rescue,” says Woodman. “That was when
I realized that this thing goes way beyond sports.”

Up Next: Documenting fatherhood. “My favorite thing to do with my GoPro is chase my two- and three-year-old sons around. Just put it in your mouth and chase ’em around with your arms out.”

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