Adak Adventure Trailer

Bring your creature comforts wherever the road takes you.

Adak Adventure Trailer

The ADAK Trailer is rugged enough to take your creature comforts into the wildest locales. Photo: Courtesy of Adak

As first glance, the Adak trailer looks like something the Department of Defense would splurge on. And that's exactly what you want if you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for a comfortable, portable shelter that can take a beating.

  Photo: Courtesy of Adak

A group of hunters and fishermen who wanted to take the luxury of an RV to remote forest roads came up with the idea for the Adak trailer. Made of panels reinforced with honeycomb fiber that sit on top of an aluminum I-beam frame, these towables are built to last. Where the cabinetry of RVs is usually bolted together, the Adak’s is bonded in place so that no amount of shake, rattle, or roll can cause lasting damage.

Probably the trailer's best feature is it's suspension, which was designed using a custom torsion bar system with nothing hanging below to snag on rocks. So go ahead and plan that crazy-yet-cozy expedition to Timbuktu. 

Starting at $49,000,

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