The Zubin Axe

Say goodbye to your grandpa’s hiking stick

The Zubin Axe

When the going gets tough, switch the Zubin Axe's head to hunt, cut, or chop. Photo: Courtesy of Zubin Axe

Not long ago, hiking sticks were low-tech tools whittled out of wood. But this is the 21st century, and the Zubin Axe is here to set a new standard when it comes to walking poles. While it has a handle carved out of hickory wood, on top it boasts up to five interchangeable heads made from 440C stainless steel.

Need to cut down a high branch? No problem, just pop on the saw blade. Need to split that branch to make a fire? Swap the saw for the axe head. And when all that work makes you hungry, you can spear a fish, shoot a squirrel with a slingshot, or throw a weapon at small game with the axe's bladed head.

The Zubin Axe brings out the Neanderthal in all of us, but it looks and works better than any primitive tool. 


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