Kenyon City Grill

You no longer need a backyard to grill like a caveman.

Kenyon City Grill

Constructed from marine-grade stainless steel, the City Grill is weather-resistant and rust-proof. Photo: Courtesy of Kenyon

Lumbersexuals, take note: Cooking at a tiny Brooklyn apartment just got easier thanks to Kenyon’s City Grill. This 24-pound electrical device is flame-free and portable, which means that you can legally cook your artisan meats practically anywhere. 

The City Grill pre-heats food in seven minutes and is constructed from marine-grade stainless steel, making it fully rust-proof. 

But the grill’s best feature? Its versatility for urbanites. The Kenyon City Grill has been designed to fit into a countertop cut-out, which means it can handle pancakes in the kitchen for breakfast and brats on the porch for dinner.


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