Connected Cycle Smart Pedal

Foil bike thieves while recording your commuting data.

Connected Cycle Smart Pedal

A GPS sensor inside lets you track your bike if it's been moved. Photo: Courtesy of Connected Cycle

Bike companies churn out theft-deterrent products the way some people try to build better mousetraps. But French company Connected Cycle may be onto something with its Connected Pedal, which utilizes the Cloud to help locate your commuter bike if it’s been stolen. 

The Connected Pedal uses a built-in GPS unit to foil would-be thieves. The device alerts you through an app on your smartphone if the bike is moved, and then lets you trace your ride's route. And while the pedal is installed in a few minutes, it can only be removed with a special key. As a bonus, the pedal also records speed, route, incline, and calories burned for every single trip, whether your phone is with you or not.

With its worldwide range, self-generating power, and self-providing Internet connection, the Connected Cycle Connected Pedal is an insurance policy for your daily ride. 


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