Buck Knives Compadre Series

Three new, surprising offerings from a heritage knife maker.

Buck Knives Compadre Series

The Buck Knives Compadre Series uses a red powder coating and wood grips to spice up common camping tools. Photo: Courtesy of Buck Knives

Most people think of Buck Knives as the maker of beautiful and reliable, if unexciting, products. But that might change this year. New for 2015, the 113-year-old knife manufacturer is making classic camping tools sexier with their scarlet Compadre Series.

The lineup, which is shipping to select dealers now and will be sold online in six months, offers outdoor enthusiasts three new tools: the Camp Knife, the Compadre Hatchet, and the Compadre Chopping Froe. The knife’s rust-resistant blade measures 9.5 inches, while the hatchet’s steel head has been forward-weighted to make activities like chopping wood easier. For bigger hacking tasks like clearing brush, try the 16.75-inch Chopping Froe. 

All sport handles are made from heritage walnut dymondwood, and the metal blade is sealed with a distinct powdercoat red finish. 

Camp Knife, $80; Hatchet, $120; Chopping Froe, $160;

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