North Drinkware Oregon Pint Glass

Discover Mount Hood at the bottom of your empty beer glass.

North Drinkware Oregon Pint Glass

The North Drinkware The Oregon Pint has a topographically accurate Mount Hood reproduction at its bottom. Photo: Courtesy of Stone Crandall Studi

It's been true for as long as there's been beer that the saddest sight is always the bottom of a glass. But at least now you'll have something else to look at. Thanks to Kickstarter entrepreneurs Nic Ramirez and Matt and Leigh Capozzi, at the bottom of the North Drinkware Oregon Pint Glass sits a miniature representation of Mount Hood, Oregon’s highest peak.

The 16-ounce vessel is hand blown by Portland’s Element Glass. At its bottom is a three-dimensional model of Mount Hood fabricated using USGS topographical data.

$35 on Kickstarter,

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