The Leaf House Version.2

Warm, tiny living with room for you and a guest.

The Leaf House Version.2

Stick the in-laws in the Leaf House Vesion.2's guest room. Photo: Courtesy of Leaf House

Measuring a mere 215 square feet, the Leaf House Version.2 is a whimsical, self-contained home that maximizes its limited space. It even has a “guest room," plus a full bathroom and kitchen.

While the main bedroom is in fact a loft, the Version.2 includes a fold-out bed in its living room, perfect for when the in-laws visit your miniature domicile. For the eco-conscious, the house's makers, based out of Yukon, Canada, verified its timber is Forest Stewardship Council-approved, meaning you can tread lightly both living and building.

If you’re that guy or gal who wants to haul this thing as far north as possible, then consider the company's even smaller Version.3, which has been insulated specifically for cold climates. That model comes with vacuum-installed panels that can keep out those negative 50-degree temps.

From $26,000 to $50,000,

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