Schwinn Fastback Comp - Road Bikes: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Schwinn Fastback Comp - Road Bikes

   Photo: Mark Wiens

Not everyone wants to race, so why are so many bikes constructed with aggressive angles and knee-wrecking gears? Schwinn felt your pain and responded with the Fastback Comp, a roadie with concessions to comfort that hardly sacrifice performance. The proprietary aluminum is rigid enough for effective power transfer, while the carbon seatstays and fork kill the road buzz. And your knees and back stay fresh, thanks to the upright positioning and compact gears (50x36 in front). One tester, grinning at me from the cockpit of the Fastback, said, "I feel like I'm riding my couch!" It's an ideal pick for long weekend rides or centuries. And the best part? This is a lot of bike for the money, so you won't grow out of it anytime soon.

Bonus: The ergonomic, flat-handled Ritchey bars help stop tingling hands and sore shoulders on long road days.

Bummer: The ride would be more sprightly with a slight wheel upgrade. 19.4 lbs, 58 cm;

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