Oakley Razrwire - Sunglasses: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Oakley Razrwire - Sunglasses

   Photo: Mark Wiens

If you pack a cell—and you know you do—Oakley's Razrwire lightens the load and keeps you moving. No need to stop hiking or get off the bike to take a call; simply reach up and tap a button to connect to a Bluetooth-enabled phone. Got voice dialing? Tap and talk to make a call. The headset (1.3 ounces) delivers surprisingly clear sound, even with background noise and some wind. With neutral-tint poly lenses and sticky rubber at the ears and nose, the Razrwire is sporty, if not sport-specific. www.oakley.com

Filed To: Men's, Sunglasses

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