Lost Aviso Pro-Formance - Surfboards: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Lost Aviso Pro-Formance - Surfboards

   Photo: Mark Wiens

A black carbon-fiber shell makes the Pro-Formance look like a stealth bomber, but you won't be flying under the radar with this baby: It's a guaranteed head turner. The six-foot-six-inch hollow carbon-fiber thruster is speedy down the line and fast enough to make easy work of shoulder-high thumpers at my home break, in San Diego. Hollow construction also adds more flex, propelling you from turn to turn—something strong intermediate and advanced surfers will appreciate. Though not bulletproof, the board‘s carbon fiber is more resistant to dings than traditional constructions. Proof: I duck-dived the Pro-Formance tip first into the reef during a negative-tide session, and the board resurfaced unscathed.

Bonus: It weighs in at an anorexic six pounds.

Bummer: Carbon-fiber performance doesn't come cheap. 5'1"–9'8"; www.lostenterprises.com

Filed To: Men's, Surfboards

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