VonZipper Rhombus - Sunglasses: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
VonZipper  Rhombus  -  Sunglasses: Reveiws

   Photo: Chris Bartlett

Why They're CoolWear these street shades to look like a player and/or to play; the design is surprisingly apt for light sport. » The view is sharp and unobstructed through the big rhomboid (hence the name) poly lenses, which have a striking two-tone tint. The upper half of each lens is a darkish, color-neutral gray, shifting to orange down low. This scheme blocks harsh light from its major source—the sky—while amping up depth at ground level. » Slick nylon and a lack of sticky patches notwithstanding, the grip from the springy frames and temples is solid enough for rec-level action—say, jogging or bike riding or general-purpose scoping.

Hmmm . . .The uptight won't want to look so louche. » Sport these for low-impact action only.

RX-ABLE?Not a chance, sweetheart.

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