Mountain Hardwear AirJet 2 - Camping Tents: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Mountain Hardwear AirJet 2  -  Camping Tents: Reveiws

   Photo: Nigel Cox

Why It RulesThe Airjet's two-minutes-flat pitching saved me when I was hustling to beat some sleet: Thread two cross poles and a brow pole through the sleeves, then stake out six points. Done. » The Airjet stood taut as a kettledrum—even under two inches of wet snow. » Thanks to a curvaceous roof and steep silicone-and-polyurethane-coated walls, rain rolls off like marbles. » I'm six feet tall and a bit of a claustrophobe, but the 39-inch ceiling, 30-square-foot floor, eight-square-foot vestibule, and plastic window quashed a case of the cabin crazies.

Hmmm . . .Mesh panels along the floor and four ceiling vents hustle in fresh air, but not quite enough of it. I'd add another vent on the vestibule.

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