Columbia Omnitorial - Day Hiking Shoes: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Columbia Omnitorial  -  Day Hiking Shoes: Reveiws

   Photo: Clay Ellis

Why They're CoolI accidentally wore them mountain-biking—the lightly lugged soles grabbed my pedals, and the stiff fiber insole let me stand up and honk on hills. » I accidentally wore them to town—an EVA midsole cushioned my stride on sidewalks, and the stylish mesh-and-nubuck uppers fit right in at Barnes & Noble. » I inadvertently wore them hiking—no, wait, I meant to do that. They proved super on trails, with good loose-dirt traction uphill or down, and a flexible forefoot spurred impulsive jogging. » There's just enough mesh in the uppers for ventilation, with plenty of leather for durability. » Swatches of protective rubber above the arch and on the outside of the shoe are placed right where I often scrape rocks.

Hmmm . . .There's too much lace friction.

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