Nike Air Zoom Swift Vapor - Road-Running Shoes: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Nike Air Zoom Swift Vapor  -  Road-Running Shoes: Reveiws

   Photo: Clay Ellis

Why They're CoolHow little does a runner need the heavy exterior material of most road shoes? If these sleek mesh numbers are any indication, very little. » The 21-ounce Swift Vapors practically drifted from their box to the ceiling. But would the less-is-more aesthetic spell instant speed? Yes. » Not only did their lightness inspire me to gun it, they also offered more arch support—it felt as if Nike had inserted a bedroll under my instep. With a firm exterior heel cup and a polyurethane rib cage securing the upper, you won't notice the missing bulk. » The chrome patina lends a nicely hardcore Michael Johnson track vibe.

Hmmm . . .Though an air cushion pads your heel, the forefoot cushioning feels a little, er, flat.

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