Prijon Fever - Whitewater Kayaks: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Prijon Fever  -  Whitewater Kayaks: Reveiws

   Photo: Brooks Freehill

Why It's Coolhe Fever looks like a rodeo boat beamed forward in time from 1994. But ten minutes in the cockpit will remind you why those boats were so much fun. » Remember pop-ups and pirouettes? The Fever will bring back those classic tricks. » Smaller paddlers: this boat will get you vertical and keep you there. » Forgiving edges add stability, while the low-volume bow and stern aid in the sliciness factor. The clean cockpit makes for plenty of legroom and keeps the stern free for storage. If you weigh a buck-fifty or less, go find a Fever and enjoy.

Hmmm . . .As a beginners' kayak, this one could use a rescue clip on the deck.

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