Riot Turbo - Whitewater Kayaks: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Riot Turbo  -  Whitewater Kayaks: Reveiws

   Photo: Brooks Freehill

Why It's CoolOnly Riot could build a six-foot-eight kayak and call it anything other than a dedicated playboat. The Turbo's speed and quick-curve abilities will please big-wave adrenaline junkies, while a high bow rocker and forgiving hull design provide downstream stability in rowdy rough stretches. » Riot deserves a most-innovative-outfitting award. Myriad tool-free adjustments allow you to tweak the fit just so. » Included add-on fins help prevent slippage when you're carving—and bring a whole new dimension to your paddling when you take the Turbo to the surf.

Hmmm . . .If you're after a novice kayak, don't look here.

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