Dagger Juice 6.9 - Whitewater Kayaks: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Dagger Juice 6.9  -  Whitewater Kayaks: Reveiws

   Photo: Brooks Freehill

Why It's CoolThe Juice is 2004's "if I can only have one" boat. Primarily a river runner, it still provides ample play on any wave you wish to ride or hole you choose to brave. » If you've been stalling on trading in that vintage nine-footer for fear of losing comfort or downriver mobility, here's your impetus. This boat has both, yet is small enough to surf and slice. » An excellent stern-squirter, the loose hull also allows for quick carving moves.

Hmmm . . .Though Dagger's AirCore seat and hip pads remain the industry standard for comfort, the pump head can still pop off if you're not careful.

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