Eagle Creek Orv Trunk - Luggage: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Eagle Creek Orv Trunk  -  Luggage: Reveiws

   Photo: Clay Ellis

Why It's CoolSure, it's well made and rolls the heaviest of loads with aplomb, but my favorite feature is its water-proof compartment: a zippered bag that fills the bottom third (viewed vertically) of the trunk, big enough for a pair of hiking boots and Chacos, with room left for a snorkel, mask, and swim trunks. Tuck it out of the way if you prefer not to segregate anything. » The 7,000-cubic-inch bag is shaped and tensioned to prevent "duffel droop"; the sides don't cave in while you're packing. » The rigid polyethylene chassis incorporates a beefy foot that keeps the trunk upright no matter how it's packed. » Two exterior pockets are designed to house EC's Pack-It organizer bags.

Hmmm . . .I wished for exterior access to the waterproof bag. » Unpacked weight is a whopping ten pounds.

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