Kiva 36

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Kiva 36

   Photo: Mark Wiens

Take it on the road with this ingenious 8,064-cubic-inch rolling duffel, which mounts on rooftop racks. The Rack Lash cruised like any good wheelie, and when late arrivals meant trudging along darkened streets, its reflective fabric helped safeguard against unpredictable traffic. Peel open the Big Mouth top and its reflective Spacecloth lining illuminates the gigantic compartment like a floodlight. Assorted interior/exterior pockets hold foldables, and neat freaks will drool over the tool and gizmo sleeves. When it's time to road-trip, the Rack Lash secures to all rack crossbars with elastic cords and snap hooks.

Bonus: A rain cover is included.

Bummer: Elastic zipper pulls are too wimpy for such a load monster.

Filed To: Men's, Luggage

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