Puma Concinnity - Running Shoes: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Puma Concinnity - Running Shoes: Reviews

   Photo: Mark Wiens


The lacing system on this shoe swerves so radically you might think it's a factory blooper. It's not. Less than a mile into a training run along the Boulder Creek Path, it was clear that the Concinnity's off-center lacing system pulls double duty: It helps provide an exceptionally secure midfoot fit while also beefing up lateral support (and thus guarding against pronation). That snugness, combined with the sub-ten-ounce weight and energetic sole package, creates a liveliness that inspires efficient, quick-cadence running. But thanks to an outsole with 21 impact-absorbing lugs, they're also pillow-top soft, which is why several testers thought they'd make an ideal marathon shoe. 9.9 oz; puma.com

Bonus: Lightweight suede trim adds support and style.

Bummer: It feels a bit sluggish on slow, recovery-type runs.

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