Gnu Rider's Choice MTX 157.5 - Snowboards: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Gnu Rider's Choice MTX 157.5 - Snowboards: Reviews

   Photo: Mark Wiens


This directional twin is the fix for park junkies. The Choice spins fast and easily, and the quasi-fiberglass topsheet gives the board tremendous pop, putting testers in the air for longer than expected. Other park-friendly features include the blunt-shaped tip and tail and the Magne-Traction sidecut, which has extra contact points that allow edges to be detuned for jibbing and rail slides but to still hold a turn on groomers.

Bonus: Plastic edges around the tip and tail lighten the ends for optimum weight distribution.

Bummer: Transitions in variable snow conditions are a little jittery.

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