Smith Trace - Sunglasses: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Smith Trace - Sunglasses: Reviews

   Photo: Terry Heffernan


Beautiful. Smith's ingenious Interlock system (which thankfully comes in several cool frame options) lets you change out lenses with heretofore unknown ease. Simply rotate the temples laterally to loosen the frames' grip on the lenses, which easily pop out, then pick your next tint, pop 'em in, and lock the temples. One three-lens combo has gray polarized for searing high noon, clear for low light, and juicy rose for in between. The latter is brilliant at pulling details and depth out of murk while you're, say, tearing up some forest singletrack. Big coverage, nice grip, and rubber at the temples round out a solid multisport performer. Rx-able;

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