Bolle Traverse - Sunglasses: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Bolle Traverse - Sunglasses: Reviews

   Photo: Terry Heffernan


"Robin, my Batglasses!" Yes, this specimen's secret multisport identities evoke camp and gadgetry. How? Snap-in foam gaskets and a headband (which replaces the detachable temples) turn these shades into decent ski goggles, and if you're running or cycling, a snap-in foam brow piece nicely doubles as a sweat dam/sunlight barrier. Ratcheting swivels at the temples let you angle the frames up or down, and the very dark, mirrored amber lenses seen here (just one option) are built to beat supervillain-caliber rays. The lenses also follow a tight curve to create protective eye bubbles. Rx-able with $30 prescription-lens adapter;

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