Kayland Convert - Hiking Shoes: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Kayland Convert - Hiking Shoes: Reviews

   Photo: Terry Heffernan


Looking for something that isn't a clodhopper but can handle a three-day back-packing trip? The Kayland's waterproof eVent membrane lets sweat out, while the shoe's plastic stabilizers and EVA foam form a lightweight support structure that allowed us to carry 40-pound packs without wincing. And if you're worried about rolling a bum ankle, the superstable Convert is the perfect shoe. Lace loops near the heel lock the foot into the rear of the boot, while soft foam in the tongue and the throat hug the upper ankle. Our only concern with this otherwise bomber shoe: The cord-and-plastic eyelet combo that locks the heel into place is susceptible to snags. 1.6 lbs; kayland.com

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