Garmin Colorado 400t - GPS Devices: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Garmin Colorado 400t - GPS Devices: Reviews

   Photo: Terry Heffernan


The rubberized 400t was born for serious backcountry time, and you won't find a more user-friendly or durable handheld GPS. A funky, do-it-all wheel replaces the usual array, making for easy one-hand navigation (non­existent in most handhelds). It's also tricked out with a three-inch, backlit color screen, full GPS-mapping capabilities, a barometric altimeter, an electronic compass, and an air-temperature sensor. For training, it can be paired with an optional cadence sensor or heart-rate monitor (both $60). It's a bit hefty at seven-plus ounces, but if you like what you're hearing, you probably won't care. 7.3 oz; 100MB, expandable; GPS;

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