Kästle MX98 - Alpine Skis: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Kästle MX98 - Alpine Skis: Reviews

   Photo: Shana Novak


Good for Big Mountain
Plenty plump for powder, the damp MX98 also drew top scores for quickness, edge grip, and stability. Like the four other skis in Kästle's brand-new line, the MX98 benefits from classic construction and top-shelf materials—a high-end wood core (ash and silver fir, in this case) amped with metal (mostly aluminum) and fiberglass. Although there's a bit too much sidecut for cruddy snow (they can get hooky), you'll love all that arc at full speed on firm snow. 132/98/117; binding included; kastle-ski.com

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