BMC Trailfox 01 - Mountain Bikes: Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
BMC Trailfox 01

   Photo: Shana Novak

Though built for aggressive trail riding, this bike dished up so much speed, we had to double-check its specs. The aluminum Trailfox definitely uses all 5.5 inches of its travel, but the general consensus was that it often pedaled as well as a short-travel racer. "One of the fastest rides through the Chutes," said one tester, referring to a technical descent on our favorite Arizona test loop. Our only gripes: The aluminum frame makes for a jarring ride on high-frequency bumps (embedded gravel and washboard), and it takes bigger hits and higher speeds to get everything moving. But once the suspension opens up, "the rear end just soaks up obstacles and arcs beautifully into turns," said another tester. 29 lbs, large;




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