MSR Lightning Axis: Snowshoes Review

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
MSR Lightning Axis: Snowshoes Review

   Photo: Ryan Heffernan

Fits Any Foot

With most snowshoes, it's just strap 'em on and go. That's fine, unless you're a bit duckfooted or pigeon-toed, in which case you'll likely step on your tails, trip on your tips, and generally stumble around in misery. There's another way: With the pull of a pin, MSR's new binding system rotates up to three settings to the left or right, so you can tailor them to fit your personal stride. Once you dial it in, you've got a versatile and durable (aircraft-grade-aluminum-framed) snowshoe with just enough float for fresh snow, plenty of bite for hardpack, and a heel lifter for steeper terrain. And if you need extra float, you can add surface area by attaching MSR's Floatation Tails ($50). The only thing testers didn't like was the toe strap, which is awkward to adjust in the field. 4.2 lbs;

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