Dynastar Legend Sultan: Alpine Skis Reviews

Nov 1, 2010
Outside Magazine
Dynastar Legend Sultan: Alpine Skis Reviews

   Photo: Ryan Heffernan


It's the skinniest ski we tested in the big-mountain category, but with its wood core and two sheets of chatter-absorbing titanium alloy, the Sultan was also among the most powerful. So much so that it would have been overpowering if not for the rockered tip, which effectively shortens the ski and keeps it loose in soft snow. Still, this is no pure powder ski. Go here if you spend 70 percent of your resort time charging groomers or chalky steeps. Stay away if squirreling about in the forest or thrashing short swing turns is your thing. 132/94/118;
FLOAT: 4.5

Filed To: Men's, Alpine Skis

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