Puma Faas 500

Jun 6, 2011
Outside Magazine
Puma Faas 500 Shoe

Puma Faas 500 Shoe    Photo: Courtesy of Puma

THE SELL: A lightweight, everyday trainer that knows how to hit the gas. THE TEST: The only frill here is the Faas's thick, rockered midsole. We noticed the effect immediately—it rolls the foot forward faster than a traditional running shoe, speeding your time from heel strike to toe-off and quickening your cadence. The midsole is also wider than normal, and our team welcomed the increased stability. THE VERDICT: It's a firm, thick, cushiony shoe. And we dug the old-school aesthetic. If you're interested in a more natural stride but aren't ready to commit to super-thin flats, this is a smooth-running intermediary in a reasonably lightweight package. 9.4 oz.; 12-mm heel-to-toe drop.
Flex: 4
Cushioning: 4
Speed: 4

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