Brooks Trailblade

Jun 6, 2011
Outside Magazine
Brooks Trailblade Shoe

Brooks Trailblade Shoe    Photo: Courtesy of Brooks

THE SELL: Beginners, comfort addicts, penny pinchers—lend us your feet. THE TEST: Though it's got some on-road chops, the Trailblade felt most at home on dirt, boasting great off-kilter stability without feeling like a tank. A lot of the side-to-side control comes from the snug fit in the heel and a comfortable, secure midfoot wrap that locked our feet in place. Sloshing? Zilch. While it's flexible and cushioned enough for road running, the aggressive lugs made them feel a little gummier on pavement than other hybrids. The upshot? Excellent grip on loose sand, tacky mud, and steep descents. THE VERDICT: At this price, a shoe this good is a steal, especially if you're running, say, four out of five days off-road. 11.2 oz.
Support: 4
Traction: 4.5
Versatility: 4

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