Native Apres Sunglasses

Jun 6, 2011
Outside Magazine
Native Apres Sunglasses

Native Apres Sunglasses    Photo: Courtesy of Native

THE SELL: Fashionable, full-feature sport sunglasses at an amazing price. THE TEST: Sweet deal, but there's more than economy working for this good-looking street-sport crossover. The Apres delivers sports-wrap coverage, but the design breaks the wrap mold with lenses that are big, round-cornered trapezoids. Props for highly sportsworthy polarized poly lenses in a copper tint that's just right for medium-to- bright sunlight. There's sticky-when-wet rubber at the ears and nose, and hidden vent holes at the top of the flattish, helmet-friendly frames. The quietly groovy styling works just about anywhere. THE VERDICT: Good stuff and a really good buy. The Apres can stare down many sunglasses that cost twice as much.
Value: 5
Performance: 4.5
Look: 4.5

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