Sierra Designs Revival 65 Pack

Jun 7, 2011
Outside Magazine
Sierra Designs Revival 65 Pack

Sierra Designs Revival 65 Pack    Photo: Courtesy of Sierra Designs

THE SELL: A multi-day workhorse with a twist (literally). THE TEST: We've never seen a dynamic suspension system—one with moving parts like pivoting waist belts and swinging straps—quite like the 65-liter Revival's. The pack's single stay is made of thick aluminum and supports up to 60 pounds, but it twists naturally to allow your shoulders and torso a measure of freedom. It works pretty well. We found it easy to hoist a week's worth of gear, though a few testers experienced pressure points on their shoulders and upper backs. THE VERDICT: If you're the group's mule, this is your pack. 3.8 lbs
Hauling comfort: 58 pounds
Versatility: 2

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