Toyota Prius V

Jan 11, 2012
Outside Magazine

THE SELL: The most popular hybrid in the world gets more cargo space. THE TEST: Toyota’s V is one inch wider, three inches taller, and six inches longer than a classic Prius, which creates 34 cubic feet of gear and dog-engulfing space. I was able to shove two mountain bikes into the back with the rear seats folded down and still had room for two six-foot-plus adults in the front. Need more length for a surfboard? The front passenger seat folds nearly flat as well. Only bummer: barely enough power in this 1.8-liter rig for mountain passes. THE VERDICT: The gas mileage isn’t quite as impressive as the original’s (44 vs. 51 in the city), but it’s still remarkably good. Plus, the extra room is a game changer for those of us with lots of big toys. 44 mpg city/40 hwy

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