Subaru Impreza

Jan 11, 2012
Outside Magazine

THE SELL: The most fuel-efficient gas-powered all-wheel-drive car sold in the U.S. THE TEST: Subaru’s boxer engines (the same design used by Porsche) have a history of providing serious pep in a relatively small size. This time around, Subaru tuned the Impreza for efficiency, not performance. The 148-hp, 2-liter engine isn’t nearly as snappy, but it did return 28 mpg in Manhattan while preserving enough power to pass trucks on a hill. (Manually shifting the Tiptronic-like transmission helps a lot.) Another bonus: a one-inch-wider wheelbase gives you more room inside compared with last year’s model. THE VERDICT: Ends the need to choose between high mpg or all-wheel drive. 27 mpg city/36 hwy

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