Winter Bike Commuting Essentials

Even in Minnesota, snow, ice, and frigid temps can't keep hardcore bike commuters off the roads. "We've seen a big increase in winter cycling," says Stephen Cottrell, sales manager at Freewheel Bikes in Minneapolis. "P

Sun, 01/15/2012 - 00:00
Outside Magazine
Mukluk 3

"Ride where other bikes can’t." That's one tagline Salsa employs for its Mukluk 3, a complete-build bike with extra-fat tires (3.8 inches wide) for early morning commutes on un-plowed roads. "The float in deep snow gives better control," says Cotrell. "But another thing people don't realize is a fat bike's versatility: On a single commute, it can ride in snow, over ice, on pavement, and then bounce through the deepest potholes without a pause."

Brand: Salsa Cycles $1,599