Scott Off-Grid Goggle

Thu, 01/26/2012 - 00:00
Outside Magazine
Scott Off-Grid goggle

The Off-Grid is Scott’s largest spherical goggle to date, and while we're all for large lenses, what’s really cool about the Off-Grid is a feature that allows you to dial in the perfect fit. Scott placed a small adjustment on each side of the goggle that adjusts the frame's curve. There are four positions, with several millimeters of play in either direction, and a quick turn of the screwdriver is all it takes to fine-tune the fit to your face. Of course, you don’t need an especially big or odd-shaped head to appreciate the Off-Grid. With impressive peripheral vision and a wide range of top-shelf lenses to choose from, they’re the coolest new goggle we’ve seen this year—regardless of the size and shape of your noggin. Available September 2012.

Brand: Scott $120
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