Joos Orange

Mar 9, 2012
Outside Magazine

The Joos Orange solar panel bests those flimsy foldable ones by combining a photon collector with a lithium-ion-polymer battery, so you can power your phone or GPS when you want to—say, overnight in the tent—and not just when the sun’s shining. It’s also waterproof, shockproof, and functions in Denali cold (minus 4) and Death Valley heat (134). After just a few hours of low-angle winter sun, it topped off both a Garmin Edge 800 and a couple of cell phones via USB and cell-phone-specific tips (included). Bonus: a giant hole in the device lets you leave it cable-locked to a tree while you bag a peak. QUIRKS+CONCERNS: It’s 1.5 pounds and about the size of an iPad.

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