Easton Kilo 3

Making a good tent requires compromise. In line with the old business adage “Good, fast, cheap: pick two,” tent designers generally aspire to two properties from their own list: light, roomy, and sturdy. A bombproof wi

Fri, 06/01/2012 - 00:00
Outside Magazine

Sturdy, roomy, and lightweight, the carbon-fiber-poled Easton Kilo 3 flouts the two-out-of-three rule. Despite spreading a generous 43 square feet, the tent weighs a scant three pounds. And not only is the Kilo no coffin—three testers sat up inside for a hand of cards—it also beat back 40-mile-per-hour gusts on the Deschutes River. The secret? Because Easton manufactures its own poles, it can offer carbon-fiber ones for what you might normally pay for aluminum. And while the ridgepole design makes for a slightly awkward vestibule doorway, what the layout lacks in convenience it makes up for in sturdiness, with a very taut fly adding considerable strength. Three other trade-offs: the back corners must be staked out, there’s only one door, and there are no interior pockets. According to one tester, though, “Complaining about that stuff in a tent this light is like noting that a Lamborghini lacks a roomy trunk. Who cares?” 3 lbs


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