Columbia Reactor 15 Mummy

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine

BEST FOR: Getting warm quickly. THE TEST: Like a space blanket, the synthetically filled Reactor is lined with metallic microdots that reflect your body’s heat back at you. Columbia claims that the dots make the bag warmer. While that’s hard to verify, we can say for certain that the dots do bring the interior up to body temperature much more quickly. “I was toasty in seconds,” said one colder female tester. The Reactor features a “relaxed mummy cut,” a blessing for the claustrophobic, but a curse if you’re hoping to take it backpacking: it’s about a pound heavier than your average 15-degree bag. THE VERDICT: The space-blanket effect works, but some testers disliked the way it felt. 15°; 3.7 lbs


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