Sierra Designs Pyro Maniac 15/30

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine

BEST FOR: Keeping your options open. THE TEST: The secret to the Pyro Maniac’s versatility is a half-bag-length, 600-fill down comforter (not pictured). Slipped into its pocket and snapped around your midsection, it adds 15 degrees of warmth and just 10 ounces of weight. What it doesn’t do is insulate the footbox. As a result, on chillier nights, some testers did complain of cold feet, but the general consensus was that it’s a smart, versatile design. Bonus: the handy pocket on the mummy hood keeps a pillow in place. THE VERDICT: If your budget doesn’t allow for both summer-weight and three-season bags, this is a great way to split the difference. 15° to 30°; 2.9 lbs


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