Pau Hana Crossfit

Stand-up paddleboarding is growing faster and evolving more rapidly than any other outdoor sport. Six years ago, SUPs were fringe crafts just starting to pop up in surf lineups in California and Hawaii. Today they repr

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine

Though there are many larger, better-known SUP manufacturers, Pau Hana is quickly carving out a name for itself with fast, well-priced boards like the fitness and adventure-ready Crossfit. Made with a cocktail of bamboo, carbon fiber, and fiberglass, this SUP is both lightweight and very rigid. It’s wider (28.5 inches) and more stable than most race-inspired touring boards, but just as fast. From battling chop in the ocean to burying miles on North Carolina’s glassy Intracoastal Waterway, the sharp nose of the Crossfit sliced through the water, consistently offering up the glide of a more expensive full-carbon SUP. Add it all up and you’ve got a speedy enough board for those of you thinking about racing. Case in point: we loaned a friend the Crossfit for a last-minute race, and he won the rec division on his first session aboard it. 12'6"; 27 lbs


Brand: Pau Hana $1695
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