Salsa Mukluk 2

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine
Mukluk 2

Mukluk 2    Photo: Courtesy of Salsa Cycles

BEST FOR: Funhogs. THE TEST: Sure, we granny-geared this fully-rigid fatty through the snow to the top of Ski Santa Fe, our local ski hill, a few times and laughed our way down corduroy runs. But we also blasted it around desert singletrack, where the nearly four-inch tires gripped better than anything else we tested. And because you can run them at a superlow air pressure (we had ours around 10 PSI), it feels more like a full-suspension bike. The Mukluk’s aluminum tubes and perforated rims total just 32 pounds, and the handling is astoundingly quick. As with all Salsas, the parts—including SRAM X7 GripShifts (easy to operate in gloves) and BB7 mechanical brakes (won’t freeze)—are all top quality. THE VERDICT: You’re going to see more of these on the trails, snow or not. 32.1 lbs


The holes in the rims on the Mukluk and many other fat bikes aren't just for looks. They trim weight off the wheels, which would otherwise be heavy and sluggish, without compromising strength or stiffness.

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