Montrail Rogue Fly

There was a time when shoe companies took their bestselling road models, slapped some dark colors on them, toughened up their outsoles, made them uncomfortably stiff, and marketed them as trail shoes. And guess what. H

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine

Here’s the thing about running shoes: at their absolute best, you don’t notice they’re there. And that’s why we loved the Rogue Fly—it’s a pared-down shoe that kept our feet planted on the trail with simple square lugs and Montrail’s sticky Gryptonite rubber, whether on easy recovery jogs on dry trails or muddy, ten-mile tempo runs. Testers raved about the Rogue Fly’s snug, one-seam upper, which was pliant enough for toe wiggling but kept the shoe’s sole in line. And unlike many trail shoes that are too stiff for variable terrain, these are a perfect concoction of light cushioning and flexibility. If you’re still more of a heel striker than a midfoot striker, you’re not out of luck: with a ten-millimeter drop from heel to toe, the Rogue Fly is a hybrid of a true minimalist shoe and a supremely light cushioned trainer. When the running is this good, who cares what type of shoe it is? 7.4 oz


Brand: Montrail $105
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