Jansport Skip Yowell Fort Hays Bag

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine
Jansport Skip Yowell Fort Hayes Bag

Jansport Skip Yowell Fort Hayes Bag    Photo: Courtesy of Jansport

BEST FOR: Style-conscious retros. THE TEST: This 15-liter shoulder bag works as suitcase, office, carry-on, and road-trip cohort. The keys to its versatility are the hinged top and the accordion sides that expand to hold a laptop and a few days’ clothing or collapse to a compact briefcase. Three separator sleeves and two elastic shoe pockets organize the interior; four exterior pockets are big enough for shirts, shoes, electronics, and such. But while the Fort Hays’s waxed cotton is reasonably water-resistant and the pack is extremely well made, not everyone was smitten with it. Figuring out all the pockets and straps is confusing (some seem to have no discernible function); some, like the comically long shoulder strap, are simply poorly designed. THE VERDICT: Fashionable, spacious, versatile, and a bit unfinished. 4.7 lbs


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