Oakley Radarlock Sunglasses

The essential truths about sunglasses were recently revealed by a carful of beachgoers. First an actress mentioned upcoming surgery to remove a growth on her eyeball called pterygium, a.k.a. surfer’s eye. “I got it fro

Fri, 06/01/2012 - 00:00
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The “lock” refers to a new system to secure swappable lenses, but this sexed-up performance shields are first and foremost about looks. We have here psyops face weaponry with an aero design that cries out, “F you! I’m the winner.” Though brassy from the exterior, the glasses all but disappear from the back side of the big, wide-wrapping single-piece poly lens. The 00 Red Iridium polarized lens—mirrored red, but actually a dark neutral gray tint—kills glare dead and cools hellish brightness. Road bikers have lots to love in this lightweight number, but it’s born to run, especially on long hot roads. A clear extra lens costs $65, and prescriptions are an option. And the lock? Pull back a hidden latch and the left-hand corner of the frame swings out gate-like to free the lens. Invisible and rock solid, it’s the best lens-switch system we’ve seen.

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Colored lens mirroring generally does a lot less for the wearer than lens tint does. But this hot red seems to have a cooling effect that stops some of the infrared heat radiating from sun-sizzled pavement.

Brand: Oakley $300
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