Rudy Project HyperMask Sunglasses

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine
Rudy Project HyperMask

Rudy Project HyperMask    Photo: Courtesy of Rudy Project

BEST FOR: Going really fast in Italianate style. THE TEST: Lots of shades combine the HyperMask’s elements—frameless design for low weight, radically wrapped lens shield for unobstructed coverage, sticky rubber where you need it, and out-there attitude—but none roll it into athletic high art like this. So natural and comfy is the HyperMask, you flat-out don’t feel it on your face. You don’t see it, either, except in all the sharp, sumptuous detail provided by the antiglare-coated (but not polarized) Multilaser Green lens, which is tinted cool neutral with loud mirroring for glare. Visuals are so good, you won’t want to take off the HyperMask, but you must: it’s way too performance-weenie for the street. THE VERDICT: Radical racing gear for your eyes.


Green is this year's "It" color for mirroring. No practical reason for it; just the moving finger of fashion. You watch: those who bought heavy into neon last year will lean green.

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