VonZipper Snark Frosteez Sunglasses

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine
VonZipper Snark Frosteez

VonZipper Snark Frosteez    Photo: Courtesy of VonZipper

BEST FOR: Being seen. THE TEST: As an attention magnet, the Snark outscores the rest of the eyewear in this review combined. Strangers literally approached us with oohs and ahhs, these shades are so damn pretty. Our test pair’s creamy lime-and-lemon-underlay frames and vermilion-tinted, mirrored polycarbonate lenses, which flash green and blue, are seemingly all about SoCal sex appeal, but VZ still worked in some solid functionality. The optics are sharp, and the big square lenses provide tons of coverage for blazing beachside brunches. That’s where they should stay, however—when we took them running in the sun, we noticed distracting lens flare. THE VERDICT: All shades should be such great entertainment.

LOOK: 5+

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