XX2i USA1 Performance Dual Pack Sunglasses

Jun 1, 2012
Outside Magazine
XX2i USA1 Performance Dual Pack

XX2i USA1 Performance Dual Pack    Photo: Courtesy of XX2i

BEST FOR: All your sunglasses needs, from street casual to trail sport. THE TEST: This new spin-off of R.A.C.E. (distributors of Rudy Project in North America) with the wacky name musters a crazy amount of sunglasses goodness for the price, with two sporty wrap-style frames (black and tortoise) and five sets of lenses (general-purpose dark gray and brown, clear, yellow, and orange). That’s the functional equivalent of 10 pairs of sunglasses at 15 bucks per! Optics are fine, coverage is good, and frames are comfy and secure, with sticky-when-wet rubber at the ears and an adjustable nosepiece. Best of all, they don't come across as cheap. THE VERDICT: Value taken to new, unexplored extremes.


Mind the gap. Without venting, like the sliver of nothing in the corner of the USA1's lens, sports wraps can fog as they trap heat from exertion.

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